News Item: Black Bear Rampage Public Service Event
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Posted by Brian Simms
Monday August 18 2014 - 23:14:46

We could still use a handful of volunteers for this year's Black Bear Rampage mountain bike race.  The Black Bear Rampage is a Forty mile mtn bike race on the awesome Tanasi trail system in the Great Smoky Mountains. There is a twenty mile option for the beginner racers. (Ocoee river area)

This is joint effort with Hamilton County, Collegedale, and Cleveland hams. We are looking for 30 volunteers for a short race day on Sunday, September 14th. The report time is 7:30am at the communication staging area at Boyd's Gap. The race should be over by 2:30pm. Volunteers will receive a bag lunch and a custom 2014 Black Bear Rampage shirt.

There are 2 types of positions, drive to and hike to. We will be using 2meter simplex communication so mobiles for the drive to positions and Hand held for hike positions. This is a great event for testing your simplex skills as Net Control will be able to hear everyone from its location at Boyd's Gap, but you might only hear HT.

So far from Hamilton County, we have the following operators volunteering:
Roland Witt, N4SSA
Karen Witt, KW4SPN
Ben Timmerman, AC4HG
Dot Timmerman, AC4HH
Brian Simms, K4VOM
Dewayne Siddon, KE4IDH
Dan Kays, WD5CBW
Wayne James, WB4IEJ
Gary Ownby, AK4ZX
Harriet Schroeder, KK4EAO
Robert Berman, W4SET
Mark Rose, KA0YDC
Jan James, WD4JAN

Please, if you can help out send me an email at K4VOM©

Thanks and 73,
Brian Simms, K4VOM
Hamilton County Emergency Coordinator

This news item is from Hamilton County, TN ARES
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