News Item: Meigs County Emergency Drill
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Wednesday June 25 2014 - 02:59:02

Wednesday June 25 at 10:00am EST, there will be a drill for the evacuation of Hamilton County to the shelter in Meigs. This is part of the exercise for Sequoyah Nuclear Plant.

Meigs County EMA, Bradley County EMA, and Hamilton County EMA will activate for this event. Bradley County and Hamilton County ARES will also call up a drill net during the time frame of the event.

Hamilton County ARES net will be on the 146.790(-) repeater. Dewayne Siddon and Brian Simms will be at the EOC to make contact with the Bradley County ARES net on 146.925(-) 114.8t and will make contact with Meigs County shelter on 147.180(+) 118.8t. We will also run the ARES net for HC on a second radio.

All ARES members are encouraged to check in to the net on the 146.790 repeater during the time frame. This will allow us to know how many members would be active during the event. There will be no further action required but to check in.

Lets have a good showing of support from Hamilton County during this drill.

Thanks and 73,

Brian Simms, K4VOM
Emergency Coordinator
Hamilton County ARES

This news item is from Hamilton County, TN ARES
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