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2017 Ironman 70.3

on May 21 : 22:58  Posted by e107  Category:   Comments are turned off for this item

Well the first of three Ironman events is in the books. We had a very successful event. I would like to thank the 18 operators that volunteered for this event. Without you, we could not provide the service that is needed. Sometimes an event can go so smooth that it seems you were not needed. Don't make that mistake. It is very important to support these events. The next one might have more issues than the last. We train so that we can react and perform as needed.

 This was the first event that we had operators at the backup 911 center. I was one of two that was assigned to that location. Even though we did not pass much traffic to the group at the location, we showed them that we were prepared and equipped to assist them if needed. I asked the COML if he was happy with what we showed and he thanked me for our service and was happy to have us there. I believe that we knocked down that door and will be there for future major events.

Thanks again for the operators that helped out for the Ironman 70.3. I am looking forward to working with you again for the next 2 Ironman events. We will need more operators for the last 2. Start now and try to get your friends to put their hat in the ring to make these events as safe and controlled as possible. Public Service is a major part of our mandate from the FCC. We need to support these events as much as possible.

If you had any issues with the 70.3 event, please let me know. We need that information for the after action report.Get some rest and look at your schedule....we need to plan for the next event that is the Waterfront Triathlon in June.73,

Brian Simms
Emergency Coordinator
ARES Hamilton County
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